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So yes, I haven't been on in forever. What's been going on in my life?

For starters, I bought a car Monday. 2000 Silver Chevy Cavalier, with about 112,000 miles. It's a good little car, but I can't drive for shit, and pretty much proved that while on the way to get gas with my dad. Naturally, we had to go downtown during rush hour, but even so, I almost got us in several accidents. And I'm supposed to drive places by myself now? Yeah, okay.

Speaking of which, I am hella broke. It cost me $50 to fill up my tank (on 1/4 of a tank when I filled up)...damn price of gas. That, coupled with the car and many things I need to pay for by the summer's end (Weight Watchers, the educational tests I need to take, student teaching clothes, whatever I can contribute towards my fall tuition bill, gas, insurance, and you know...saving money to spend as I need it in the fall). Someone please drop money on me. I'll use it the right way, honest!

Another new summer development has been that I began work last week at the Stop in Shop in Westerly, not Richmond. Long story short, Richmond didn't need anybody, but took Haley in just to be nice, because she had called first...after being home a week earlier. So I called the Westerly store, as the current store manager used to be an asst. manager in Hope Valley, and she gladly took me in. It's been a bit bumpy, as the tech, store and register layout is completely different, but so far it's been great. I at least have that...and only that...to make "money" for this money-sucking summer. Seriously, I am grateful to have it, and to work a bit closer to home since I'm now paying for gas, but it's not what I had envisioned. I could have been at Mount Vernon right now, in 18th century periodic clothing demonstrating agricultural techniques to visitors, but alas I didn't get that internship. Nor anything else I had applied for. I can only hope I get at least one of the scholarships I applied for.

Why does money have to play such a big role in today's society? Capitalism sucks.

In other news, it's been hot as hell the past couple of days and we had a fantastic lightning storm last night. Severe ground-to ground lightning made for an interesting light display. I even saw the type of lightning that went from cloud-to cloud in the sky, in a semi-circle arc. It only lasted a second, but was really cool to witness. Too bad it all happened both at about...11 PM, and then at 2:30. Before I knew it, HALEY was actually the one to wake me up when she got out of her room (her door is loud) at 9:30 am. Otherwise I would have been fast asleep for who knows how much longer. Today it's supposed to get into the 90s with a high degree of humidity. Fun. No pool, no driving abilities to drive to the beach yet...augh. Cold showers, anyone?

Okay, enough bitching.


Random picture I wanted to post

I took this photo last August (2010) a few days before I left for Albany. I just like this photo, and how cooperative the butterflies were. :)

School is bearing down on me. I have eight days left, and two and a half assignments to do but I can't get off my ass and do them!! It's so frustrating, blargh. I'm really happy to be going home soon though.

Writer's Block: The best of times

What song reminds you of the happiest times in your life, and why?

Hmm...this is a really hard question to answer, as I think music plays an integral part of everyone's lives now. One that came to mind was Jimmy Buffett's "Cheeseburger in Paradise." Although I'm not one for cheeseburgers, this song reminds me of my childhood, and listening to it with my dad on the way to Bess Eaton every Saturday morning for bagels (and for him a coffee, for me pink lemonade or hot chocolate), or going to the dump on Sundays...all the little simple things I did, mostly with my dad when I was younger. Plus it's such a creative and upbeat song. Shark fins forever!

Week one: Done

God, I'm already through the first week of school, even though I finished classes on Wednesday night. xD

So far, I started reading for my European history class late last night, and after 90 minutes I had gotten through about twelve pages. I was really reading slowly to try and absorb what I had read and also take good news and just be on top of it...but this means when I *really* start reading for that class, and all of the others I'm screwed. It wasn't like the book was super hard to read (only a little bit, since I have little background knowledge on this topic), I just want to really know it in case I'm bombarded with a pop quiz or questions. Most likely, both at some point.

All of my classes seem rather doable though, it'll just be hard balancing everything and keeping myself in check so I don't procrastinate. However, I'm currently waiting for most of my books to come in, and it totally figures that the books I don't need right away I already have. It's the ones I need in the next week and a half that might not get here on time. God...I *should* get a few in the mail today so that will 1) increase my weekend workload and 2) ensure that I can get that homework done.

Let's see...Do It in the Dark IV is coming up in three weeks, Women's Initiative is starting up with the Negate the Negative Campaign, plus I need to come up with my own event/cause...within the next hour or so. ^_^' Mentoring starts up next week as well so that will take away some of my Tues/Thurs time. And I also might apply for this cool summer program/internship/opportunity? Observation hours need to be done for 35 hours once again.

Crap...instead of calm my mood should have been a combo between "busy," "stressed," "determined," and "lethargic"?

Writer's Block: Universally speaking

If you could have a conversation with any animal in the world, living or dead (such as a childhood pet), which animal would you choose?

Such a hard one, as I'd want to talk to all three of the dogs I have had...okay, actually four. I want to know what my crazy Sandy-panda is thinking when she rolls around in the dirt and eats our Christmas ornaments. ^_^

But I'd have to say the first priority would be to talk with Bruiser, the Black Lab/German Shepherd mix. Why did you choose to run into the road that night? How did you know you were going to die (long story)? Why were such a goddamn good, intelligent, loyal dog that made one mistake that cost your life---and our happiness?

I miss you still Little Man, always will.


What a kick-back week.

I love school. No seriously I do, otherwise I wouldn't want to become a teacher, lol. But right now it's extra special. I arrived back at Saint Rose on Sunday, unpacked, had dinner with my dad, and yesterday met up with friends and played Bananagrams. I suck at it, but it's fun. :) The first game, I managed to make the word 'luau,' but couldn't make any other words based off of that, due to the tiles I had in my bunch. My comment (and everyone's favorite comment of the night)? "I guess starting off with luau wasn't the best idea."

Today, I was supposed to only have one class (SS Methods) from 4:30 to 7, because yesterday we had the day off for MLK Jr. Day. However, it's supposed to be pretty icy tonight, and it's been snowing all day, so the school cancelled all classes after 4 PM. Score!! That means tomorrow I have Modern China (history) and my Middle Level Education Class and I'm done for the week!! I still have homework, which I should have started already, but that can wait. Just a little bit. I *will* start it today, but this has now become the easiest week of school ever. I'm sad it won't ever happen again.
God I'll miss all of this...fresh, clean, crisp and cold air, Sandy rubbing her face and claws against the ice, the crackling and spiteful woodstove (I conquered youuu, you piece of metal! Try making my fire die now!!!), the stars, the moon, the lack of work to do. Sadly, that's what I'll miss most of all.

Tomorrow I head back to Albany, and on Tuesday the new semester starts. My classes are as follows:

War and Revolution, 1900-1945 (European history)
Modern China (Chinese history)
Adolescent Social Studies Methods (Education Methods for Social Studies)
Middle Level Education (Extension class for my grades 5/6 extension--not sure what it's about yet).

Doesn't sound too bad, but I got the syllabus for my European history class, and holy shit, I'm back to *last* spring semester. Work will be the noun AND verb for this upcoming semester.

On a more positive note, I just discovered yet another anime show (can't really call it a series) called "Excel Saga." It's a very random anime reminiscent (or created around the same time as?) Bo-bo-bo Bo-bo-bo-bo--try saying THAT three times fast-- about Excel trying to please her boss, Ill Palazzo as they try to take over the world. In a way then, it's much like Pinky and the Brain, as each episode features a different plot in a different genre. I first got into it as I was looking at Sailor Moon spoofs, and found that the main Japanese seiyuu or voice actor was the voice actor for Usagi/Sailor Moon--as one episode features a pretty hilarious scene of that. It's somewhat difficult to find Excel Saga in Japanese though, as the anime is from something like 1999 and thus has been dubbed in English for awhile too. So it's part Pinky and the Brain, part Lucky Star, part Bo-bo-bo Bo-bo-bo-bo, part...whatever!! Pretty funny, and so random.

Gah, am I really going back to school tomorrow? Can't I wait until the 16 or so inches of snow (from Tuesday night and Wednesday) melts?

Fuck Youuuuuu (FALL 2010 SEMESTER OVER!)

You see me runnin' round campus with my green backpack, and I say...FUCK YOU!
I guess the hours I didn't sleep, wasn't enough....and like, FUCK YOU and this semester too!
If I was only taking your one class....now ain't that some shit (ain't that some shit)
And although my hands are cramping, I'll still write this unit with a...FUCK YOU!

I'm sorry, I have a full courseload,
and I'm in just so many clubs.
I guess I'm just busy
and you're more just lazy
but I played that game and then I got bored...

I picture the dayy when they take you away
(oh shit you got canned, didn't you, just thought you would last, didn't you)
Whoo-whoo, I got some news for you
Yeah, bet you won't make this mistake again!

I see you walkin' round campus with that coffee you love and I'm like,
I guess the hours that I didn't sleep, wasn't enough, and I'm like, FUCK YOU and this semester too!
If I was taking just your class....now ain't that some shit (ain't that some shit)
and although my hands are still cramping, I'll still write this essay with a.. FUCK YOU!!!

Now I know, that I had to not sleep, whine and moan and stomp my feet
trying to stay awake, trrrrrying to eaatttt
but stayin' up till 3 just ain't easy


I picture the day, when they take you away
(oh shit you got canned, didn't you, just thought you would last, didn't you)
Whoo-whoo, I got some news for you
Oh! Tenure's a bitch but you don't have it now...

I see you walkin' round campus with the coffee you love, and I'm like,
I guess the hours that I had no sleep, wasn't enough, and I'm like, FUCK YOU and this semester too!
If I was taking, only your class....now aint that some shit (ain't that some shit)
and although my hands are still cramping, I'll still get this done, with a FUCK YOU!!

Now really really really why you wanna hurt my GPA so bad... (so bad! so bad! so bad!)
I tried to save my work but it died while in the library lab...(the lab! Shit man, shit man)
And I was like, "No. Why?! WHYYY?! WHYYYYYYYYYY!??!?!? REALLLLY!?!"
"I saved you......I wrote youuuuuuuuuuuu! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

I see you walking round campus, with the coffee you love,
I guess the hours that I didn't sleep, wasn't enough, and I'm like FUCK YOU and this semester too!
If I was taking, only your class...now ain't that some shit (ain't that some shit)
and although my hands are still cramping, I'll still get this done, with a FUCK YOU!


_                   _                             _                          _

This wasn't really meant for anyone in particular, just my frustration at the entire semester. Was it really all that shitty? Not totally, but I had real WTF moments, like when my flashdrive decided to die on six days before my entire unit plan was due. I had to rewrite 80% of it, and it ended up being 78 pages plus extra stuff. Then add in all of my other work for my other classes...so yeah.


I go home in 90 minutes and I am so looking forward to it.

To-Do list

Okay, so huge unit plan for methods class (on westward expansion and geography)? Done. Turned in this past Wednesday, Nov. 10th. Halle-motherfucking-lujah. Here's my abbreviated to-do list for the rest of the semester:

1) empty recycling bin
2) Clean fridge
3) vacuum (realllly need to get on that)
4) pack for Thanksgiving
5)make copies of field experience paperwork
6) go to library and practice with smart board, and work out my methods "Teaching with Technology" presentation on Friday
7) upload Green Pageant photos to Facebook
8) think up and write up methods micro-teaching lesson (also: look through newspapers to do so)
9) Do ENTIRE women's studies project DUE MONDAY! YAY :(
10) Order independent study books via interlibrary loan
11) do the readings for literacy, since I was too sick to stay in class Thursday
12) Do the Literacy reading strategies project (due T/Th).
13) Start my independent study....ha.....hahaha......yeah. Take notes on the website and begin Creatures of Empire. That's due with the huge presentation in less than a month
14) Check Women's Studies blog for any readings or comments.
15) Do the Curriculum socratic seminar poetry homework
16) Write one or two school journal writeups for field experience
17) For my curriculum unit plan, write up the demographics, theme and think up four of the 10 lessons (must be 80 minutes long each)
18) Think up possibilities for the integrative model mock lesson
19) meet with Colleen before class on Monday to go over socratic seminar and integrative model presentations
20) Have everything for class registration worked out and in my curriculum folder
21) Register for classes Tuesday morning at 10:30 am (during Curriculum and Instruction class).
22) Pray to God that I don't get shut out of anything.
23) Begin Literacy summary on field experience and type up the few interviews that i have
24) Organize food goods for "Stuff the Van" this coming week
25) Post to Livejournal
26)Work on that long lesson plan for curriculum due after Thanksgiving

^^^Yeah, I just realized that I said that was for the rest of the semester. Actually, that's what i hope to have done by the end of the weekend and into Monday morning. Let's see...for the rest of the semester I need to have some of this done:

1) Entire unit plan on The Great Depression finished, printed, in a pretty binder by the end of the semester.
2) Have entire field experience journal for Curriculum printed out by the end of the semester.
3) December 10th: Microteaching lesson for Methods.
4) December 7th--Literacy strategies project due with group.
5) December 7th or 9th--Literacy strategies/group presentation
6) Summary and interviews for literacy field experience/observation hours due.
7) Paperwork for Curriculum and Literacy must be handed in
8) Independent study must be finished and presented to the SAINT ROSE CAMPUS in early December FREAKING OUT. HAVEN'T STARTED YET.
9) Apparently for women's studies there's a "critical essay' of 1,000 words due sometime in late November or early December?
10) Women's Studies final ??
11) Literacy final.
12) Pack to go home for winter break.
13) That's it until the end of the semester ?

Someone please shoot me now...


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Seriously though, I have so much work to do in the next month or so that it's crazy. One good thing that happened today is that I was invited/selected to eat lunch with a visitng Buddhist Lama who's creating a sand mandala for our school (and does so each year). I didn't get to really speak to him personally very much, and his English is...getting there, but it was a really nice lunch and I had fun. I also got to relax and eat real food for once...you know, the kind that won't kill my...ohh. I never explained that.

Long story short, I found out during finals last year after taking my first American taxi cab to my first Albany Hospital that I have mild edema. That means that if I consume too much salt, my feet swell up to ridiculous levels and I can have respiratory problems. I've kinda noted the respiratory problems recently, because surprise surprise, the dining hall can make you eat 2-3 times the daily recommended intake of sodium. Bloody hell. My feet blew up within a couple of days and haven't returned to normal since. I've actually sort of forgotten what "normal" for my feet is anymore. But yes, that is the story. I am forever on a restricted sodium diet now (which just means I have to be more careful about what I eat), and the dining hall food= not good. The food I ate for lunch today, however, was good.

I really wish I could have the time to write for fun. I've had some really really strong, personal moments while listening to certain music soundtracks lately, and would love to adapt that to my stories but...I don't even have time for this. Or homework. Or anything.

Guess who's not sleeping for a good part of the night? All of this had better not wreak havoc on my immune system; practically everyone else I know is sick already...